Unit 1: The French Revolution and Napoleon (1789-1810)

Lesson Outlines:

Lesson 1 (Wed/Thu, Jan 10/11): Intro to Project. Wiki sign-up. Assign Reading #1 and outline table of contents for Wikipedia.
Lesson 2 (Fri/Mon, Jan 12/15): Create Table of Contents (per class). Assign Diary Roles. Assign Wikipedia articles to each student. HW: Write and post article.
Lesson 3 (Tue/Wed, Jan. 16/17): Peer review of Wikipedia articles. Create your characters brainstorm. Reading/writing time for HW assignment
Lesson 4: (ThuA/FriE Jan. 18/19): Peer review 3 diaries; HW (start in class): Write Diary #2 and 3, interacting with at least one other student's character from each Estate AND a foreigner [update: you can include the foreigner in only one of these two diaries]. Read Reading #3. Revise your Wikipedia based on feedback.
Lesson 5: MonA/TueE Jan. 22/23: Peer review 3 diaries; HW (start in class): Write Diary #4 and 5, interacting with at least one other student's character from each Estate AND a foreigner (foreigner only in one of your two diaries).

Lesson 6: WedA/ThuE Jan. 24/25: lecture and review for test part 1.

Lesson 7: FriA/MonE: Jan. 26: Lecture Part 2 (Mr. Burell's class) [note: test moved back one class: now ThurA/FriB Feb. 1 and 2]

Unit Readings:


  1. "Origins of the French Revolution" (The History Guide)
  2. "The French Revolution: The Moderate Stage, 1789-92" (The History Guide)
  3. "The French Revolution: The Radical Stage, 1792-94" (The History Guide)
  4. "Europe and the Superior Being: Napoleon" (The History Guide)


  1. "Chateau de Versailles Podcast" (Video and audio tour of the Palace of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette: great background for your Ant Farm diaries!)
  2. "The French Revolution" (HistoryWiz): great multimedia exhibit of the French Revolution. Easier reading than the primary documents, great pictures and graphics.
  3. "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Exploring the French Revolution" (George Mason University online textbook): Want more depth? This is a well-written, nicely illustrated web-text. Get ready for AP history by doing some higher-level reading!

Add Good Links You Found Below This Heading:

Test Items (Vocab, key ideas, events, and people)

  1. French Revolution vocabulary (from readings)
# French Revolution key concepts
  1. French Revolution key events and people

Wed/Thu, Jan. 10-11:

Lesson 1: Reading/Writing Workshop

Listen: Mini-lecture: "From the Decline of the Church to the Decline of the Crown"
Read: The Origins of the French Revolution
Write: Class-created French Revolution Wikipedia on main "factors of analysis" causing the French Revolution (use your own words---no plagiarising):

Sign up wiki (15 min)
  • Teach them to drive with Video Tutorial
* make a link
  • make a new page
  • go to new page
  • edit page
  • use discussion board
Workshop: Read text #1 to write Wikipedia entries (IDs) of factors of analysis on the origins of FR reading (#1)
  1. Solo: Read
# HW: Outline Origins of the French Revolution: 30 min.

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LESSON 2 (Fri, Jan. 12/Mon., Jan. 13): Post Wikipedia Class Topics, Assign Wikipedia articles, and assign roles for ANT FARM DIARIES

  1. Plan wiki entries (organize, collaborate, discuss, assign in groups (40 min.)
    1. wikis organized by class: best wiki gets extra credit for final project grade: teachers decide
    2. create outline explaining key "factors of analysis" causing the French Revolution in groups, negotiating most important ideas and organization;
    3. by class: decide how to divide up work--each student writes one entry of X number of words (and credit for other forms of content*) to be done by next class. END OF CLASS.
HW: Write your wiki article and post it on this French Revolution Class Wikipedia page. Instructions here for grading and formatting. (clarify)

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Lesson 3: (Tue., Jan 14/Wed., Jan 15): Peer review Wikipedia articles on page discussion boards; create characters; start reading until class ends (Diigo....)

First 5 minutes (Mr. B's class): Go to Moodle and post to the forum your thoughts about all of this so far. We'll listen and problem-solve. (Positive comments are welcome too!)

Next 25 min.: Peer review your class Wikipedia articles (while "teacher" checks that all learners posted their entries)
  1. Peer edit in groups of 4: 3 other entries (assigned):
  2. Leave your feedback on the discussion tab on each student's page you review. Copy and paste these questions in your "discussion" forum feedback:
## What main ideas were left out? (You read the text too!)
    1. What unimportant ideas were included that should be taken out?
    2. What parts are unclear? How would you re-word them?
    3. What parts are inaccurate? Why?
    4. Is the organization clear?
    5. Are sources linked at the bottom of the entry?
    6. What spelling is wrong?
    7. What grammar is wrong?
    8. What word choice needs to be changed?
    9. Does the page look good? Pictures, video, graphics, etc?

Next 25 minutes: Character creation
Task: Using your background knowledge from Reading 1 (Origins of the French Revolution), create your character.
Process: Copy the prompts below. Paste them to your own diaries wiki page. Then use the prompts to help yourself imagine and create a character that is a) historically accurate, and b) interesting to you and us. Brainstorm (meaning write) your ideas for these prompts on your own wiki diary page.

Social Class:
Financial situation:
Location (map):
Habitual locations:
Daily routine:
Personality/Quirks/Unique Personality Traits:
Past/individual-family history:
Social relations with your own and other classes (people you deal with or know about in other classes, AND your opinions and feelings about them):
Style of speaking in France:
Languages you speak:
Main privileges and/or conflicts:

Final 35 minutes: Start on your 2 hw assignments (reading and writing). See below.

HW: Due: Next Class (Thu/Fri, Jan. 16-17)
Write: Character DIARY #1: your first diary
of a day in the life of your character in the year 1788 (the year before the Revolution broke out) that reflects the tensions in France during that time. Remember, go to this page to make a link to your diaries page.
Read: "The French Revolution: The Moderate Stage, 1789-92" (The History Guide).
  • Outline: Main stages, events, and people from 1789-92 (note: you will have a test on these at the end of the unit; advice: use Diigo to take notes for it. You can always print them out to study on when you're done, but it makes the whole reading/note-taking process way faster!)
* Find: the most interesting (and logical) five events in these years that your Diary Character could experience and write about.

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Lesson 4: ThuA and C/FriE Jan. 18/19:

Collaboration: Peer review 3 diaries, one from each Estate; HW (start in class; due next class):

Write: Diary #2 and 3, both set during a specific event you chose from Reading 2 (The Moderate Stage), interacting with at least one other student's character from each Estate AND a foreigner [update: you can include the foreigner in only one of these two diaries].

Study/Diigo (recommended): Reading #3.

Revise your Wikipedia based on feedback.

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Week 3:

Lesson 5: Mon A and C/TueE Jan. 22/23: Peer review 3 diaries; HW (start in class): Write Diary #4 and 5 based on reading #3, interacting with at least one other student's character from each Estate AND a foreigner.

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Lesson 6: WedA and C/ThuE Jan. 24/25: Napoleon lecture and review for test. (videotape and post on Moodle).

Homework: (Mr. Burell's class: Look at the "Grading Criteria" for diaries 1-3 and the wikipedia articles. Go to the three students in your assigned group, give feedback on their diaries--GOOD feedback, as if you're grading it, based on the grading criteria. Your feedback will be part of your grade. THEN: Revise ALL of your work: wikipedia and diaries. The final turn-in date is MONDAY for A period, TUESDAY for E period. This will count for 50% of your unit grade. The other 50% will be your test on Monday and Tuesday. Topic: Essay: "How did the French Revolution add to the 'birth of the Modern World that we've been studying all year? Summarize it's main causes, stages, and effects.")
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Lesson 7: FriA and C Jan. 26: Test (Spivey A and C); (Burell A: begin next unit and give weekend for test review. Test will be on Wed, Jan. 31 for E period, and Thu, Feb 1 for A period)

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