E Period French Revolution Wikipedia

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Due: Wednesday, Jan. 17 before class

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Table of Contents

I. Social Structure
A. First Estate
1. Lower clergy- (Sunny)
2. Upper clergy (Young Min)
B. Second Estate
1. Upper nobility (Wonseok, Sean)
2. Lower nobility (Il Jee)
C. Third Estate
1.Rural peasants (Susan)
2.Urban artisan YooHee
3. Urban bourgeois (Lisa, Matt)
4. Soldiers/Royal Army (Jessica)
II. Political Causes
A. Royal Absolutism ( Leslie, Rachel, William)
B. Parlement (Joon, Gihoon)
III. Economical Causes
A. Finances (Patrick)
IV. Philosophical Causes
A. Enlightenment (Daniel)
V. Foreign influences
A. American revolution Jihyung

French Revolution Diaries

Do not start these until you are told!

Part I: Before the Storm

Due: A and C period=Thu, Jan. 18; E period=Fri, Jan. 19
Task: Create a character (to be assigned) and write a short (500 word) story showing his/her life on a normal day during the last days of the Ancien Regime. Go to THIS PAGE to and create a page for you/your character. Follow these guidelines:
  • use the first-person narrative voice ("I").
  • write as if you were writing in a diary or journal in the 1780s. Show images of the social, political, economic, and cultural life of this time in France, as experienced by a person in the social class of your character. Give us glimpses of your character's environment and thoughts. Have them talk about, think about, or see people from other classes also. Make it realistic. Give your character voice and personality.
* Tell a story of what happened in a single day in that character's life. Again, include "news from the bigger world" and your character's realistic reactions to this.
  • Try to show, in your story, how your character's behavior reflects the growing crisis of the Ancien Regime, which will soon erupt in the French Revolution.
  • Feel free to include pictures in your diary. (Give credit to the pictures by linking to your online source at the bottom of your page.)

Characters to role-play in your diaries:

  1. Louis XVI (William)
# Marie Antoinette (Leslie)
  1. Members of the First Estate--upper clergy (Young Min)
# Lower clergy (Sunny)
  1. Members of the Second Estate--upper nobility (Won Seok)
# Lower nobility (Il Jee)
  1. Members of the Third Estate:
    1. Rural peasant (Lisa)
    2. Urban artisan (Yoo Hee)
    3. Urban bourgeois (Matt)
    4. Urban Philosophe (ooh--Voltaire?) (Daniel)
    5. Rural landlord (Sean)
    6. Soldier (Jessica)
    7. Executioner (ooh--a view from the guillotine!) (Gihoon)
    8. Bastille prison guard? Rachel )
    9. Court servant at Versailles? (Susan)
  2. Robespierre (Joon)
# David (painter)
  1. British Journalist who is working and living in France (Ji Hyung)
# Foreign aristocrat from (choose your European country) living in France (Patrick)
  1. your choice (ask teacher for approval first--good ideas are welcome!)

NOTE: You will continue developing your character by writing further diaries set during the main events of the French Revolution--so try to make a character you're interested in. ALSO, read other students' diaries and start getting to know their characters, because you will start including their characters in your own diaries by having encounters with them.