June 17, 1789

Dear Diary!
As my father mentioned, something really happened. We (the 3rd estate) declared ourselves as a "National assembly."
One of the 3rd estate's representatives called Leu Finacci (one of Bourgeois) sent me a letter, saying that I should come to Paris immediately.
On the letter it said, "Dear Chanel, We moved to a tennis court and took the OATH OF THE TENNIS COURT, which stated that we would not disband until a constitution had been drafted. Come immediately, I need your help!"
So I went to a tennis court in Paris. Oh Diary! There were hordes of people. It was so crowded, and I couldn't even see the front.
When I reached the podium, I could see Alexandre. Suddenly, Alexandre shouted out loud. "Silence! Listen to me. We invited the 1st and 2nd estates to join us. But they refused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now, I'm declaring that we are a "National Assembly!!!!!!"
As Alexandre declared, people started to holler. While we were shouting, the Chief of Guards called "Andre" just arrived.
"The King Louis XVI ordered all of you to disband immediately." He said. People became really noisy.

But he continued.

"The King wishes that the ancient distinction of the three Orders of the State be preserved in its entirety, as essentially linked to the constitution of his Kingdom; that the deputies, freely elected by each of the three Orders, forming three chambers, deliberating by Order.....can alone be considered as forming the body of the representatives of the Nation. As a result, the King has declared nul the resolutions passed by the deputies of the Order of the Third Estate, the 17th of this month, as well as those which have followed them, as illegal and unconstitutional......."

When the chief finished his talking, he went back to Versailles. Then the crowd became louder and louder.
When I was thinking, suddenly the British Journalist came up to me.
"Hi, Ms. Jacque, I've heard of you. You are really famous among the peasants."
"Oh! Hi~ what's your name?"
"I'm William. William J. Blair."
"Nice to meet you. Mr. Blair."
"Ms. Jacque, I'm a British journalist. I'm collecting materials and news. Do you know why did the 1st Estate and 2nd Estate refused to join you guys?"
"Well, that obvious, Mr. Blair. They think the 3rd Estate is really humble and stupid. They think we have to meet separately and vote as individual bodies. They're not lowering themselves. They think they are the only one who are really exalted and lofty."
"Oh, that's why.."
"I think this country is in danger....If the King use the military power then we're going to be massacred. We need some counter-plans."
"hmmmmm, okay, thanks for your answer!"
"You are welcome! Just leave this country! you will be involved in this revolution and you might get killed!"
"Thanks for worrying about me. But I'm completely fine."
"Bye. Mr. Blair!
Then he just left me.
Oh!!! How exausted! People including me just stayed inside the tennis court and didn't leave there.

It's going to be a hard struggle.