Dear diary,
Today, I went to Paris to meet an infamous clergy called Dominique. Because I heard the peasants talking about him. I heard that he collects numerous amount of money, and demands tithes from the peasants. Ahhhh!!!! He was the worst clergy I've ever seen!!! He had no manners, and he didn't even listen to me......It's all relapsed.

It took me 3 hours to get there, because I'm living in the small town in Lyon.
When I first met him, he was going somewhere with the servants.
I just blocked him, and I asked him to talk with me. He looked really upset and annoyed but I just took him to the bakery
called "Trous le Jours."

We sat down in the corner in the bakery. Then I started to talk about the taxation. I emphasized that the taxation is completely wrong.
"Mr. Dominique, I think the taxation is completely wrong. The peasants work 15 hours everyday, and they have to pay numerous amount of taxes which is 65% of their income. Don't you think it's unfair? I mean peasants work and work everyday but they can't really spend money for their lives because they have to pay taxes. If the taxation is really needed, then clergies like you and nobles should pay taxes too!!!"

At that time the teas were served and the clergy had a sip.

Then I continued to talk.
"Mr. Dominique, you should ask the king to stop the taxation and ask him to take care of the people!"

But he didn't really care about it. He just picked his ears. Ahhhh! He's the dirtiest person I've ever seen!!!

Then I hollered. "ABSOLUTISM! must be stopped by all of us. This is something that we have to stop right now! Do you know what's going on around the world right now! You must be blind to not to know."

Then Dominique replied. "What do you mean, we? I am out of this conversation as right now I am stepping out of this bakery!"
He shouted at me and just went away with his servants.
I just stared at him with opened mouth because I was so shocked. He had no manners. What's wrong with he? What's wrong with nobles and clergies?? They only care about their lives and money. I had to talk to other one who can understand me.

I went to my parents' house wich was located beside Versailles. Dear Diary, didn't I tell you that my parents are nobles. They live in Paris. So I visited my family. Oh! I was so nervous. I've never been there since I was 23.
My parents' house was so big. I knocked at the huge door. Then the maid opened the door. The house was remained the same. There were portraits of my great great grandfather and grandmother, great grandfather and great grandmother, and grandmother and grandfather. The portraits were big as the door. I passed through the long hall, and opened the door which was connected to the drawing-room. My parents were there!!!! My mom was wearing pink long sleeved dress, and my father was wearing a military uniform.

"Mom!!!! I missed you!! And dad I missed you too!"
I hugged and kissed them.

But suddenly they became really serious.
My dad said, "As I told you in the letter, we have to flee from this country. There would be a revolution. The nobles and the clergies rejected the 3rd estate and refused to join them. We have to run away!"
"Dad, I can't! I want to help the peasants and abolish absolutism! If a revolution is needed and then I would propel the revolution. That's my task." I replied.
"Chanel, you are really stubborn. Okay, if that's what you want.....But becareful. Your mom and I are going to flee next week."
"Bye mom and dad. Please becareful!!!"

Then I just got out of there, because I didn't want to cry in front of them.

I just came back to Lyon 30 minutes ago and I'm writing my diary. It was an exhausting and sad day.