Diary in 1788

Dear Diary,
Today, I got a letter from my mom. My mom sent me a letter! My mom doesn't send me a letter very often since I left my family and chose to be a philosopher. Why did she send me a letter? When I gave up my social position (noble) my parents got really angry and they said they won't see me anymore. Anyway, It seemed so urgent. I opened the letter and looked over the page. "Channel, even though you chose to be a philosopher you are still my daughter. So please come back right now...........everything's changing........................................Your father perceived that there would be a big revolution...France has no money, and peasants are getting mad at the government...If we stay here we're gonna get killed...so please come back my daughter..and we can run away to Austria..."But I don't want to go back.....my aim is to help poor people and I want to make better lives for them. If revolution is needed, then I would promote revolution and I would support peasants. I think Absolutism is totally wrong. The king and the queen only care about decorating themselves and eating or having parties. How about the clergies? They extort money and they are selling indulgences...The citizens should allot all the money..It's so unfair. I will be on the peasants' side and fight for them. I will tell the people what is the "truth" and I will make them to "think."
But still, I think I have to visit my parents to show my face and tell them that I'm fine.