I woke up and began to work on with my job which known as architecture and design. My job is pretty dull and mundane everyday because I do the same thing everyday without any stop. It is even hard for me get high incomes because I have to pay high tax for the country in this time of year. So, I have to work more harder to earn more money to support myself. This leads me to have sleepy eyes and less energy because I work without eating anything. I don’t even have time to talk and play with people who has close relations with me because this less privileges. I try to make various types of designs to attract other customers with theses things. And I fill my head with various ideas to make lots of fantastic work. I’m a guy with few words except when customers ask question about my work. Anyways I’m in the Third Estate which is the lowest estate in our social class. I’m having a hard time these days and I don’t get enough sleep, so I wish the Ancient Regime have changed into something else. This means my body is unhealthy and this leads me to sickness.