Name: Jacques Louis David
Age: 40
Gender: male
Occupation: A painter
Social Class: Third Estate
Financial situation: A successful artist with fine income
Appearance: He's not plump; he's rather on the thin side. He has neatly-cut brown hair with some curls. His face is nicely shaved which makes him look tidy. Large eyes and shapely nose stand out from his white and pale face. Overall, Jacques Louis David is a good-looking man with sleekness.
Location (map): Paris
Habitual locations: His work stations were near the palace, since his works were for royal family.
Daily routine: Studied art, draw paintings.
Personality/Quirks/Unique Personality Traits: He is a very stubborn man with definite determination. He is extremely talented in art and uses his artistic skills to appeal the society.
Past/individual-family history: He was from a wealthy family, yet he’s father died in a combat. His rich uncle, who was an architect, took care of him.
Family: He is married to Marguerite Charlotte, the daughter of M. Pecol and has 4 children.
Social relations with your own and other classes (people you deal with or know about in other classes, AND your opinions and feelings about them): He worked for royal family and the second estate members, yet didn't like them since they were rather rude and treated the third estate as their servants.
Religion: Catholic
Education: He went to College des Quatre-Nations, well-educated in art
Style of speaking in France: arrogant and is an influential artist whose ideas were considered powerful.
Languages you speak: French
Main privileges and/or conflicts: He becomes an official artist of France and becomes a officer of Convention Nationale during the French Revolution.
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