Art, what a wonderful and ironic device to create new things! I have just created a painting with Helene and Paris by using oil on a large canvas. Unlike my previous art work, Death of Socrates, this painting handles less serious theme. Since I respect ancient classical style of art, I followed certain principles of it. I respect and value beauty of human bodies therefore heavy clothes were unnecessary in the painting. Paris is almost naked and he shines by himself without any fancy jewelry to decorate himself. That is human body, a something that is beautiful just by being itself. Illustrating each body parts empowered the painting by providing liveliness and realism to it. Detailed brush touches and variations in color range made it possible for me to create perspective. The perspective is an interesting way to make things drawn on the flat surface area to look like three dimensional objects. The love affair of Helene and Paris is such an immoral event which even caused a huge war, yet the mighty device, art, can even change this profligate event into beautiful and amazing scenery that will surely impress thousands of people. I tried to make the two lovers as the focal point of the whole painting by placing the two in the center of the scene and by emphasizing their features with brighter colors than that of its background to create certain contrast between. The two lovers seem to be pleased and throbbed just by being next to each other since I gave them such mild facial expressions with gentle smiles on their lips. How can someone think this beautiful sight as scenery of adultery? Will there be anyone who can think this scenery as the origin of a big war between nations which eventually kills a large number of people? A very peaceful painting it is. Art, again, is such an ironic and dramatic instrument. By using art, a liaison of Helene and Paris is glorified. Creating a peaceful painting with theme of love during this time era itself is certainly an irony. The stream of time is changing. The whole country is in chaos. The government is falling apart into fragments and will never be able to amalgamate into one piece. The king lost his mind due to a delusion of a witch who had seduced the king completely. Poor man, he may have gained affection of a single woman, yet he paid an expensive price of losing everyone else’s loves and respects at the same breathe. I had been drawing pictures of lovers in good body shape while the peasants and poor ones starve to death. Today, after completing the painting, I decided to go out for a walk to the marketplace in order to refresh myself and to get some new inspiration. However, when I arrived at the marketplace, the only spectacles that I could see were people grumbling over the king and queen with outrages. They were suffering from heavy taxations that king’s soldiers force them to pay. We need something. All of us strongly want an epoch-making event that will change this corrupted nation into a whole new one.