April 30 1793

Ah....... today is the day, the day of my final judgement. People are shouting down stairs of the inn with great terror. My legs and hands are shaking....... I 'm engulfed with fears that I can not escape. I started wandering why this tragic things are happening. I started to recall my memories with the inn keepr's conversations today.

"ptt", the innkeeper chuckled sarcasticly as he read his newspaper.

"What's up?"
Since I coudn't waste any money to buy any newpapers I had to ask what's going on.

"hm, ever since the Jacobins became 'the ruler of France' nothing's changed, the war, the economy and everything else!!! What a drag they act good with sans-cullotes guys but not me!!!"

Yes I heard people talking about the Jacobins. They deminished Girondin's force and controlled the government. Even though they don't do a good job in governing and all, they still were managed to keep the sans-cullottes( the radical revolutionist which the memember consists of shop keepers, artisans and wage earners) satisified. As the inn keeper was reading passimistic with his newspapers, I looked at the first front page of it to see today's exclusives. As I finnished reading it I was shocked and terrified.
It was about the Committee of Public Safety being the leader of France society which was led by Mximilien Robespierre. They would arrest and execute all that relates to counter- revolutionist!!! Am I included in them? Yes ofcourse I am! I'm the person who waged the war with the Revolutionaries and Austria.

When I lifted my head, I saw inn keeper looking suspiciously at my sleeves of my jacket. When he looked at my eyes he soon turned away. Yes that must be it!!! He must have seen my 'Coat of Arms of Austria' which caused my idendity to show up. Then he must have called the CPSs to arrest me. Oh my goodness gracious how careless was I!!! All this years I though myself tobe shrewd and careful person and now look at me! I'm trapped and my head going to be cut off in matter days.

No I must be calm. I hear foot steps coming. The sound of soldiers stepping on the wooden floor made me feel more nervous. At least I'm going to see my wife soon. Actually I see her now. She is smiling at me. I feel...... happy. Would I be able to go to same place as her? Would the God consider my act as sin or not? Would I live? Yes I will live. As long as I write this diary my memories won't dissapear. They can cut my head with the guillotine and burn my body into ashes or do whatever with me! I will live forever through history!!! And I kow this. Austria will fight again. We will continue to fight! Our spirit can not be matched to Prussia, Spain, Hanover, Saxony, Britain and even France!!! Fare well my children, my country, my diary. And greetings to the history.......

Charater I used- Inn Keeper(Chase's character)

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